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  • Internet of Things

    If you’ve ever gone exploring in the corners of the world wide web that are dedicated to technology and it’s ever evolving presence in our day to day lives, which you probably have if you’ve ever used an Iphone or heard of this thing called Google, you might have run into a term called IoT, which stands for the Internet of Things. Kind of an odd term, right? Sounds like one of those “cool” tech terms that we picture only the smartest of the smarties using, like Java, or GUI (pronounced “Gooey” as I recently learned). We all have a pretty good idea of what the internet is at this point. But what the heck is an Internet of Things??? Well, turns out that it’s not some high tech term for a mass data bank or a new confangled manner of surfing the web like Web3 (more on that one another time). In fact, almost all of us have our own IoT and don’t even realize it. The Wikipedia definition for IoT is: “ describes physical objects (or groups of such objects) with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks.” The fact that the definition has almost nothing to do with the internet itself is rather hilarious, if you ask me, but leads to a lot of the mystery behind the rather simple concept. All your smart thermostats, automatic smart locks, smart speakers (looking at you Alexa), video doorbells, and other nifty devices that make day-to-day a little simpler, when connected over a wifi network, create a interconnected web of informatio n based on sensory input from the world around them. And together they form the infamous IoT! So, next time you ask Alexa what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, give yourself a little pat on the back for having built your very own IoT, and for being so smart that you did it by accident! Take that, not-coffee Java!

  • Four Steps to No-Stress Phones

    Everyday when I’m on the street, I get frequently asked questions like, “Oh my word, how are you so cool?” “Would you call yourself privileged, blessed, or talented?” But the most common thing the press has forced me to answer is “What is it with Business Phones Denton, that makes it worth investing my money in?” I mean this question is asked all the time, and I, being the busy, amazing, successful person I am, don’t have time to answer this question, because it requires a long conversation to compare Business Phones Denton to all the other different phone companies to them. And you know what? If I had to break in to simply one thing I’d say it's Business Phones Denton’s core values. Even more simply Business Phones Denton’s excellence. Business Phones Denton holds it self accountable to the absolute highest standards. Whether that be customer service, customer approval, customer satisfaction, customer care, hard work, installation, before and after process, you name it! Business Phones Denton serves loyally and faithfully with excellence from beginning to end, through the happily ever after. Business Phones Denton appreciates excellence, and strives to meet the standards of excellence until you are satisfied. Business Phones Denton is ready for whatever task you give, you name it Business Phones Denton is there. Whether it be a little five minute extension add on, or a three year task to update a system…you name it, Business Phones Denton carries it out! - Business Phones Denton will do whatever it takes to accommodate to your needs, as long as it falls well within our constitution. Business Phones Denton will serve you faithfully and loyally, constantly providing you with top tier phone and internet service… Let me walk you through the process! Step 1) Receive an outreach. One of our sales representatives will typically reach out to you asking you general questions, and telling you about Business Phones Denton! If that very first phone call presents you with just the type of excellence your business needs and was looking for… you’ll be moved to the second step! Step 2) Appointment! The sales representative would have set up an appointment with you over the phone, then another of the same sales representative will go to you, or take you out for lunch whenever you are most available and comfortable with it! It only takes 15 minutes of your time (at most!), and in taking the little time slot you will be walked through the best Business Phones Denton there is. You will see its plan for excellence in serving you, and the best price to receive top notch excellence. (now this is where you say, “wow! That really IS excellent” and you’ll sign up with us.) So you sign the proposal that explains how many phones you will receive, who will install them, how they will be installed, and any other mandatory requirements and nitty gritty details… Step 3) Assuming step two went well, you’ll see the following. An installer and training. You heard me correctly, our polite, mannered, gentleman like, talented tech boys will show up to your business and install the phones. Depending on how much there is to install, it will take at least two hours! And here’s the nicest thing, they work around you! Ensuring you can still get your work done, after all that’s what we want! Business Phones Denton wants you to be able to work and function as a business better, that’s why we exist! Back Story Business Phones Denton back story!!! The one who experienced big corporate business built Business Phones Denton. Business Phones Denton didn’t like the way customers were treated, Business Phones Denton didn’t like that the goal was more profit, Business Phones Denton didn’t their definition of excellence. Because of that, Business Phones Denton flipped the switch, and made a turn around! Business Phones Denton cares about customers, and continuously shows it, Business Phones Denton’s goal is providing top notch service to businesses that need it, and defines excellence as serving faithfully and consistently until the job is done! Whether that job is little or big, Business Phones Denton does it from beginning to end! Business Phones Denton is the ultimate game changer!! Step 3) (section b) the tech installer will then train you, and show you and your employees, and their children, and their children (wow! You got some old employees…) how to use the phone system! They make it so easy for you that my great grand parents can use it!! - not even joking! If the oldest of the oldest people can use Business Phones Denton’s phones, you totally got it too! And if you are even in the slightest worried about updating your phones, and getting a whole, stinking, brand new system: Don’t worry! Change is good! Especially upgrades! Not only that, but also Business Phones Denton is always upgrading your system, making sure your phone system is always on top of the world, for the best quality, for the best price! Step 4) ... Nothing! You’re done! Business Phones Denton will take it from there! But you will receive a thank you basket hand delivered! You’ll get a thank you card, mailed! You’ll find a Christmas card from us every year to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Not to mention a follow up call, so Business Phones Denton can walk with you every step of the way! Andddddd whenever you need to get a new phone, or upgrade the system, Business Phones Denton will do it for you! It almost costs nothing! If you ever have any issues, give Business Phones Denton a call and there will be no wait time, and Business Phones Denton will offer a quick and easy solution with the kind technology experts! That’s the excellence of Business Phones Denton, is that Business Phones Denton works with you from start to finish, solves the biggest, and tiniest of problems, and serves you happily ever after, even when the book has been closed! The excellence of Business Phones Denton is no fairytale, it’s a real dream come true! - And you can have it, Business Phones Denton is right fro you!

  • Business Phones Denton - Features Pt 2

    Business Phones Denton is possibly the only practical business phone solution in this twisted business world. Business Phones Denton offers multiple tons of things that will just simply make your life better while saving money. And who wouldn’t want that? Business Phones Denton lowers the price of your monthly phone and internet bill by a substantial amount, Business Phones Denton isn’t so pushy, Business Phones Denton cares about the customers and gives them so many benefits and ways to help them, and Business Phones Denton has the best down home customer service that never fails. The list could go on and on about how great Business Phones Denton is, but the most frequently asked question is “What features does Business Phones Denton offer?” and the best way for you to get a good grip of that is by calling Business Phones Denton at (972) 924 6012. But if you’re too scared to talk to people, or reading this at 2 AM (go to bed, it is seriously way too late for you to be reading this right now.) you can just keep persauling. Business Phones Denton really offers a ton of different options and features, but one of the most requested is Business Phones Denton’s included installation, constant training, and never ending support. Including personalized and thorough training with no mess. Business Phones Denton will arrive with all the equipment, install it, work around you so that you don’t have to worry about installation interrupting you from your work, they get it done in about two hours or so, wrap up, make sure you know how to work everything, then they pack up and leave, bringing all the mess with them. Easy, right? It also comes with prioritizing the quality of service, making sure you really are getting the best option for business phones. And let’s not forget the onsite and remote training for all users because let’s face it! Phones, technology, and all that gibberish, is not for everyone, and not everyone knows how to use it like all Business Phones Denton’s tech boys. This makes your life so much easier because you have the constant training and support in whatever way you need it. Also keep in mind that Business Phones Denton offers advanced network management. Now don’t let that word “advanced” scare you, because what advanced really means here (found in the Business Phones Denton book of definitions) is: simple for you to handle, but using the best and newest technology managed by none other than Business Phones Denton. This comes with a managed firewall with a constant, forever active threat detection. Business Phones Denton knows you’re hiding some private information, especially with finances and other such stuff, but Business Phones Denton wants to ensure that your company is cyber safe and always protected from the dangers of the world’s most wanted criminals. Not only that, but also keep in mind there is LTE as a main and backup internet service! This keeps your office in good shape, when something with your internet connection fails. There’s also a guaranteed hundred percent onsite up time. Along with wifi that works! It is so annoying when the wifi just goes out ten times a day, I think all people know what that’s like! But with Business Phones Denton you are guaranteed wifi that works effectively and efficiently ensuring that your business, your office, whatever it is will not again have to worry about wifi going out or the troubles alongside it. Can not get any more convenient than that! That’s just Business Phones Denton for ya! Let’s not ignore the fact that Business Phones Denton has unlimited automated attendants. Could Business Phones Denton get any better than this? Business Phones Denton designs every bit of it all for you! Making your life easier for you, with a message you want it to say. It also provides a company directory, that way anyone can be directed where they need to go. Can not forget the dial by extension. Most people take a dial by extension for granted, but think about how easy the office receptionist’s job will become? Included with speech recognition with the key words. That way anyone calling your company can easily be directed without any “needy” help. What makes Business Phones Denton especially wanted is the super neat pro advanced voicemail functions. These are extremely helpful to everyone in the office. There’s Voicemail to email transcription that is as accurate as it gets, plus that way you don’t have to listen to a voicemail you don’t understand, because we all know reading it is sometimes much easier! This also includes Message & Option-0 Forwarding, that way the massage can be forwarded by the zero key, with zero effort! Now let’s not forget how useful the mobile act is, that way work can go wherever you do. Don’t let this bother you, because you can always turn notifications off, or set up an automated voicemail so you don’t have to accept calls on a Saturday (because realistically, who actually wants to work on a weekend?) And lastly, there’s Text to Speech Greetings with Multiple Voices. This sounds not as handy as most would expect, but it actually is very useful when you’re sick, or in a place where you must be quiet. And the voices don’t even sound that robotic, better than Siri, actually! It is a very helpful, and underestimated tool that you must keep in mind when needing Business Phones Denton. Business Phones Denton has these services, yes, they are free, yes. But what makes this really makes Business Phones Denton stand out from each other? Unlimited. That’s right, all these features are unlimited. Unlimited training, unlimited support, unlimited web portal, unlimited network management, unlimited automated attendants, unlimited voicemail features, and unlimited Business Phones Denton. Business Phones Denton will always be there to help with all issues. Business Phones Denton will always provide the customer care required, Business Phones Denton will alway do as asked, and Business Phones Denton will always provide and serve in the most Christ- like way possible! So why keep with that same old limited, fee required, voice over internet provider? Get yourself some Business Phones Denton!

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  • Home | Vested Networks

    THE FUTURE OF VOICE IS HERE THINK DIFFERENTLY VISION We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About UCaaS Being a world leader in top quality business communication services, focused on serving our customers, team, and community. It’s a safe bet that most professionals aren’t satisfied with their phone service. Whether it be paying too much, dropped calls, or someone else's issue, their professional image is taking a hit. This is on top of always being stuck on hold trying to get their provider to fix it. Sound familiar? Let us serve you! MISSION To Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World We are passionate about providing quality communication services that empower businesses and are paired with integrity and transparency at all stages. Our methodical step-by-step installation plan ensures our products are seamlessly integrated into your business and work for you. We know your daily operations are vital to your business and that is why we stay out of your way as much as possible to make sure our installation doesn’t affect your business. Our hands-on approach means we will work with you and any IT staff to ensure your network service is optimal. We also work closely with your office staff to make sure all phones are assigned to each staff member properly and if you are a small business who doesn’t have an IT professional, we will personally walk you through our system and show you how simple it is to use. WHY VESTED NETWORKS A different approach, using a new method of customer service. I want to introduce you the Vested difference. There are a lot of VoIP providers out there. There isn't any magic in the phones or even the backend service. The difference is in our customer service. Read More WE GIVE $10 PER PHONE TO PARA PERÚ Join Vested Networks to end hunger, despair, and poverty. Para Perú is a non-profit organization designed to support the extremely important task of spreading the Gospel in Perú. READ MORE Vested Networks In Numbers 16 AVERAGE SUPPORT HOLD TIME IN SECONDS 300% GROWTH YEAR OVER YEAR 99.99% UP TIME 5 VESTED NETWORKS CORE TEAMS 99% CUSTOMER RETENTION RATE 76 AFFILIATE PARTNERS

  • Careers | Vested Networks

    Changing the future of UCaaS means thinking differently. Here at Vested, we care about who you are and that you align with our core values. Careers ~TEAM We operate as a unit, working together for the greater goal. ~EXCELLENCE We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard. ~RELATIONAL We treat others how we want to be treated. ~GROWTH We are focused upon continuous improvement of ourselves and the processes for which we are accountable. ~ENDURANCE We NEVER stop trying and never lose focus until we get the job done. Channel Sales Executive Lewisville, TX The Channel Sales Executive is responsible for prospecting & selling new business within their assigned territory. The Channel Sales Executive will work with MSP channel partners in closing sales and exceeding sales targets. We are looking for the best of the best; someone with a phenomenal work ethic, a contagious personality with a can-do attitude. The Channel Sales Executive must be able to adopt the company’s structured sales process to generate results that contribute to our business growth. Apply Now VOIP Install Tech Lewisville, TX This position requires you to perform installations for VoIP telecommunications services, and related products and all required back-end configurations (configuration of routers and any other equipment needed). Also, Cabling service installations onsite are required for VoIP equipment. VOIP Install Techs are responsible for ≥ 90% of the out-of-town installations. Apply Now Didn't find the position you were looking for? Send us a copy of your resume. Submit Now Sales Engineer Lewisville, TX Are you a sales professional looking to grow your career in any sales capacity? We have several sales opportunities open. We, at Vested Networks pride ourselves on being a team, working with excellence, being relational with our customers, having a growth mindset and the endurance of a lion. Apply Now

  • Who We Serve | Vested Networks

    Welcome Partners Thank You For Your Partnership! We have many things coming for our valued partners! You being a part of this journey toward bringing the trust back to the TeleCom industry is something we are very excited, and proud about! Send A Referral Partner Testimonials A Few Of Our Partners

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