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Industries We Serve

Custom-tailored solutions for every industry and size

At Vested Networks, we understand that quality communication lies at the heart of every successful business, regardless of industry or size. That's why we customize our solutions and help you pick the best devices for your unique needs. Whether you're a small to medium-sized business, government entity, or a large corporation, we have the experience to make your professional communication problems a thing of the past.


Let's dive into how The Vested Difference elevates communication in a variety of industries to give you a better idea of how we can play a part in your success. 

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Government offices need a dependable, secure, and customizable phone system to ensure citizens can easily access critical information and services they need when they need them. We'd love to help you foster trust and integrity in your community. 


While you focus on educating our next great minds, we'll be working tirelessly to give you a Grade A professional phone system solution that keeps your facility's communication clear, secure, and connected. Your students and staff deserve the best of the best. 


You pride yourself on giving top notch services to your customers. We pride ourselves on giving top notch service to our customers.  *insert Spider-Man meme here* Let's talk about how switching to your phone service to us can elevate your business.   


We know how important it is for healthcare providers to have a versatile and reliable phone system. Your patients need a clear way to communicate with you when they need you most. Let us help you take the headache out of the process. 

Law Offices

We know your time is money. You don't have the time to sit on hold, and neither do your clients. We offer a perfect blend of quality customer service and the best technology so your communication can stay confidential and clear. 

Property Management

You've got a lot to manage. Why not let us take some of that off of your plate? We serve many property management companies and know how to organize your business communication in a way that makes sense for everything you do. 

Other Industries

Don't see your industry here? Never fear! Real estate offices, flower shops, news stations, car dealerships, underwater basket weavers, you name it––We've got the know-how to keep you connected to your customers from anywhere all the time. 

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