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We are Hosted Voice Specialists

Vested Networks installs and maintains professional business phone systems, but we offer much more than just phones. Our team creates a custom-tailored solution, with a hassle-free onboarding and install process just for you. This setup includes no up front costs as the install and equipment are all included.


Let's explore some of our most frequently asked about solutions. Click each feature to learn more. 

Install Process

Our Install Process

We know your daily operations are vital to your business, and that's why we stay out of your way as much as possible to make sure our installation doesn’t affect your business. Our hands-on approach means we will work with you and any IT staff to ensure your network service is optimal. We also work closely with your office staff to make sure all phones are assigned to each staff member properly and if you are a business who doesn’t have an IT professional, we will personally walk you through our system and show you how simple it is to use.

Install process

1. Preparation

Our sales team, our project managers, and our installers all work closely together to ensure we have the information (like extensions, etc.) we need to set you up for success. So, after you’ve signed your sales documents, a project manager will reach out and gather that information from you on behalf of our install team.

2. Pre-Programming

Given the information provided, our install team starts working on getting you set up by pre-programming your install before we even arrive on-site. We know you don’t have time to sit around, so we make sure we’re set up and prepared as best we can, so you can get started with your new and improved phone system ASAP.

3. Arrival

Upon arrival, our team will assess your network and needs. Your technician(s) will determine the best course of action to ensure the highest call quality for you. We’ll also take a minute to hear any questions, comments, or concerns before we get started.

4. Smooth Installation

When it’s time to switch out your phones, we make the swap as seamless as possible by replacing your most critical phones first and forwarding them to our system. While we’re still on-site, we double check that all your phones are working properly and connected to the cloud server.

5. Ongoing Support

We won’t leave until everyone who is available and needs training is comfortable with their new phone and system. You’ll get cheat sheets to help you, and we are available for additional remote training by appointment if anyone needs further assistance.

We’ll do a final sweep, making sure everyone is as comfortable as possible, and then we’ll clean up and head out. Our install and support teams work closely together, so if you have any questions or issues during your transition or throughout your time with us, you can trust you’ll get the help you need quickly.

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