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Feature Spotlight: Enhance Your Business with Professional Voicemail

Your business voicemail box is a crucial point of contact between you and your clients, partners, and colleagues. Ensuring that your voicemail system is equipped with professional features can significantly boost your communication and overall customer experience. Let’s talk about the essential professional voicemail features, including voicemail-to-email, remote access to messages, and text-to-speech greetings.

Voicemail-to-Email Transcriptions

Voicemail-to-email transcriptions are a modern solution to an age-old challenge – managing voicemail messages efficiently. Here's why so many businesses love this feature:

Efficient Message Handling Voicemail-to-email transcriptions automatically convert voice messages into text and deliver them to your email inbox. This allows you to read and prioritize messages without needing to sit and listen to each one, saving you valuable time.

Quick Response Time With written transcriptions, you can respond to messages more rapidly and accurately. No more rewinding and replaying to ensure you catch all the details.

Documentation Transcribed messages can be easily archived or shared with colleagues, ensuring that important information is never lost and ends up with whomever needs to.

App and Remote Access to Messages

The business world has gone mobile, so the ability to access your voicemail from anywhere is a must. App and remote access to voicemail messages offer a host of benefits.

Access on Any Device With our dedicated Vested mobile app or remote web access, you can check voicemail from your smartphone, tablet, or any computer with an internet connection.

No Missed Messages That anywhere access means you never miss a beat. Whether you're in the office, on the road, or working from home, you can stay connected and receive important messages as they arrive.

Settings Management The ability to manage your voicemail settings and messages remotely gives you full control over your communication, even when you're away from the office.

Text-to-Speech Greetings

Your voicemail system should convey your brand identity and provide a warm welcome to callers. Text-to-speech greetings offer a personalized, professional touch that still keeps you efficient.

Customized Greetings Text-to-speech technology allows you to create personalized, professional greetings for your voicemail. You can include your company's name, working hours, or any other important information.

Consistency With text-to-speech, your greetings are consistently delivered, ensuring that every caller receives the same professional message.

Ease of Update Updating greetings is simple and can be done in real-time. If your business hours change or you have special announcements, you can quickly and easily update your voicemail greeting. This, along with automatic call routing, is fundamental in your business’s ability to adapt while staying connected.

How to Implement These Professional Voicemail Features

We can help you get set up sending voicemail transcriptions directly to your email and help make sure your email system is set up to receive those messages. We also give you a complete training and ongoing support on our Vested mobile app, so you can easily access your messages remotely. Setting up text-to-speech greetings and customizing or updating your voicemail messages are easy when you have a voice kung fu master there to guide you.

Having the best of the best in voicemail empowers your business. By implementing these features, you can take your voicemail system to the next level, ensuring that you stay connected, never miss an important message, and present a polished, professional image to your callers.


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