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Feature Spotlight: Enhance Your Business With an Automated Attendant

First impressions matter when it comes to your business because when customers or partners call your company, their initial experience sets the tone for your entire relationship. That's where awesome features like automated attendants come into play. These virtual receptionists ensure that every caller receives a professional, efficient, and personalized greeting, regardless of the time or day.

What is an Automated Attendant?

An automated attendant is a key feature of a modern VoIP phone system. It's a virtual receptionist that answer your calls for you. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, automated attendants can streamline your communication process and improve the customer experience.

Benefits of Automated Attendants

Professional Image:

Your company's image is critical. With an automated attendant, your business presents itself as professional and organized. Callers receive a consistent, polished experience every time they reach out.

24/7 Availability:

Automated attendants don't take breaks or vacations. They are always available to assist callers, even outside regular business hours. Customers can call any time and get information like business hours, location, or access an after hours number. This ensures you never miss an important call or opportunity.

Customized Greetings:

You have complete control over the greeting message, and Vested Networks offers a great variety of voice options. Craft personalized messages that suit your brand, promote special offers, or provide essential information. This flexibility helps your business make a memorable impression.

Call Routing:

Automated attendants route calls to the right department or extension, and we can help you get all of that set up. No more wasting time transferring calls manually. Callers reach their intended destination quickly and efficiently.


By automating tasks traditionally handled by a receptionist, you can reduce labor costs. Automated attendants are a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, especially when you consider the overall savings of a VoIP system over a traditional, premise-based phone system.

Spam Blocking:

An auto attendant can act like a spam blocker by implementing customizable call screening options. Through the auto attendant, businesses can set criteria for incoming calls, such as requiring callers to input a specific extension or navigate through a menu system. This process filters out automated or unsolicited calls, effectively blocking spam or irrelevant messages from reaching employees.

Additionally, businesses can integrate features like caller ID verification or whitelist specific numbers, further enhancing the spam-blocking capabilities of the auto attendant. By using these functions, the auto attendant serves as a proactive defense against spam calls, ensuring that only genuine and relevant calls are forwarded to the appropriate recipients.

Use Cases for Automated Attendants

Just about any business or office can benefit from automated attendants, whether it be during business hours or just for after hours calls. Here’s a few examples of where this feature can add real value to your communication.

Small Businesses: A small startup can create the impression of a larger and more established company by using an Automated Attendant to manage calls.

Medical Practices: Patients can be directed to the appropriate department or even make appointments through an automated system.

Government Offices: ESL speakers can access menu options in multiple languages, ensuring that all constituents can access government services and information comfortably. This inclusivity enhances the government's commitment to serving a diverse population.

E-commerce Stores: Automate order tracking and customer inquiries, freeing up your team's time for more important tasks.

International Businesses: With 24/7 availability, you can efficiently handle inquiries from different time zones, ensuring global customer satisfaction.

How to Implement Automated Attendants

If you already have Vested Networks as your service provider, it’s as simple as logging into your portal and adding an auto attendant. You can customize your greetings, call routing, and other settings to match your unique needs, and if you need any help, our support team is always here for you.

With Vested Networks, setting up an automated attendant is easy. And, once in place, it's a valuable tool for managing your calls efficiently and professionally.

Invest in your success, and use your Vested Networks features to their highest potential! Make a great first impression, provide excellent customer service, and streamline your call-handling process with automated attendants.


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